Business Cash Advances

Business Cash Advances

The Credit for Merchants - Business Cash Advance Service can help you get the funding your business needs, when you need it.

Get funding, no matter what type of business you are in.

For instance, if your business accepts credit card payments from your clients, you can get a merchant cash advance of up to 100,000 without having to approach the banks.

Business that invoice their customers, can easily release working capital through accounts receivable factoring and debt factoring. You can also get low cost bridging finance, asset finance, mezzanine funding as well as commercial mortgages.

Apply for, and get the business funding you need fast.......


How it Works:

  Fill out a simple cash advance application
  An approval specialist will contact you
  Receive funds within 14 business days
  Repayment Plans to suit every situation

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Business Cash Advance Benefits

  Get the Working Capital you need
  Get Funds Fast
  Funds for Any Business Purpose
  Good & Bad Credit Accepted
  No Monthly Finance Bills to Pay*
  Overcome Stress and Worry
    *for merchant cash advance programs



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