Accounts Receivable Factoring

Business Cash Flow - FAST!

For every sort of business, proper funding is of the utmost importance, especially during difficult economic times.

There are numerous ways that businesses can use to attract short-term working capital to improve their cash flow. However, most small businesses especially start-ups, know exactly how difficult it can be to get business funding.

One type of funding that helps businesses in a very significant way is known as accounts receivable factoring. Basically it is a way of selling outstanding invoices or receivables at a discounted rate to a factoring company who then takes over the risk on those invoices/receivables in exchange for a quick injection of business capital.

Accounts Receivable Funding

Accounts receivable factoring is one of the most widely used methods by businesses to get funding, and has been around for centuries.

There are many benefits in using accounts receivable factoring. For instance, moving your accounts receivable management to a specialised company will free up a lot of time, allowing you to focus more on growing your business, instead of collecting debts.

Also, since many businesses have the majority of their working capital tied up in inventory, this is a great way to free up a significant amount of working capital. For example, accounts receivable funding can help manufacturing and distribution businesses free up valuable capital that would normally be tied up in unsold stock. Such accounts receivable funding can be a really attractive way to raise quick business cash since it's so straight forward and there's a minimum of red tape involved.

Improves Cash Flow

Where businesses are experiencing cash flow difficulties, factoring is a great way of raising fast business finance. It's a fact that most small businesses could survive tough cash flow difficulties, if only their clients paid them on time. Unfortunately, in the current economic situation, most businesses are finding it difficult to get paid on time. Therefore, in order to continue growing rapidly, most types of business can benefit significantly from invoice factoring.

When you hand over your invoices to a factoring company, that company will normally check the credit rating of each of your clients. They will also check to ensure that the service or product that was invoiced has been satisfactorily carried out. This allows the factoring company to then notify the customer they are now collecting payments on your behalf. Once the credit period on the invoice has expired the debtor will then pay the factor directly, completing the transaction.

Since there are no maximum or minimum sales volume requirements, this is a very attractive solution that can provide you with the cash flow you need, at exactly the right time.

How this type of Finance works:

  Just fill out our short Accounts Receivable Factoring Application
  Next, speak with a Accounts Receivable Funding Specialist
  Get your application approved
  You can receive your funds often within 2 weeks.

All this is all possible without having to approach mainstream banks, and having to go through all sorts of red tape, which can prove extremely difficult. Also, you won't have to provide the sort of personal guarantees that all banks require.

This will allow you to focus on expanding your business, while letting us focus on helping you to get there. Getting the funds your business need has never been simpler.

1) Fill out our short factoring application. An accounts receivables funding specialist will then make contact with you so you can complete your application for fast approval.

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